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Friday 25 July 2008
McNair Kaserne and Frankfurt, Germany.
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I had four main goals to accomplish when I decided to go to Germany. Going back to McNair Kaserne was one of them. McNair Kaserne in Hoechst, Germany was home to the 32nd Signal Battalion back in 1979 and I was stationed there for 3 years. I was 18 or so, a very confusing time of my life. When I left that place, some 30 years ago, I made it a point to not look back as I left the Kaserne for the last time. If asked, I would have said that I would never want to go back to that place.

I was wrong.

There are lots of photos of this place, but they probably won't mean much to anyone that hasn't been stationed there. I won't bore you with all the photos now but if you are interested, they can be seen HERE.


This photo was taken in Hoechst. My apartment at Emmerich-Josef Strasse #11 is a few blocks to the right. The train station is to the left and you can see the power lines for the tracks on the left of the photo. The far sidewalk is where I saw Beate and Janet for the last time 30 years ago.

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Photos of my apartment on Emmerich-Josef Strasse #11. It was a dump, but it was a place where I could put the Army away and become semi-human again. I met many interesting and wonderful people while I lived here.


The "Bolangaro Palast" pizza restaurant on Bolangaro Strasse, just a block away from my apartment. They had a pizza called the "4-Seasons" that featured a cooked egg in the middle. It was good. We spent many an evening there, eating pizza, drinking beer, and enjoying each others company. I first met Janet here.

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The Hoechst Castle. During World War II, the allied forces spared Hoechst from most of the bombing runs. After the war, the Armed Forces Network set up their broadcast radio facilities in this tower. They had vacated by the time I was stationed here.


The ferry we used to cross the Main river was located here. It used a cable strung across the river to keep it from drifting downstream as it crossed. It has since been replaced with this pontoon boat.


Beate and Angie at the train station in Hoechst.


Downtown Frankfurt near the city center. This place has been photographed to death so I only took a couple of photos of the area.


Your's, truly, at a sidewalk cafe in Frankfurt. We spent many an hour at these cafes. It's a great idea.
Am I having a good time today? Well, I tell you what; click on the above photo, then compare the number of women to the number of men behind me.

Yes, yes, I would say I was having a pretty good time here!

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Frankfurt's famous opera house. It was being rebuilt when I was last here, 30 years ago. It looks like they finished the rebuild.

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This lady has been in Frankfurt for quite some time. I took the photo on the left, and the photo on the right was taken back in 1979.


As we drove through the entrance gate of Worms, we ended our first real day in Frankfurt. It was very emotional for me, seeing these sites again after so many years. I think I am blessed that I had Beate, my friend from back then, with me as I took my "Memory Tour".

That evening, We met Beate's friend, Jon-Luc. He is a very likable guy and I think we could become good friends, once we get around that blasted language barrier. Jon-Luc is from France and speaks both French and German. I only speak English and just enough German to get myself in trouble. Angie speaks only English.

We all got together at one of those sidewalk cafe's right in front of our motel in Worms. We spent a couple of hours just visiting. I finally had my first German beer since arriving in-country. I think this evening will become one of my most-favored times of my Germany trip. I sure wish Ana Medel was with us.

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