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Sunday 27 July 2008
Heidelberg and the Heidelberg Castle.
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Beate and me, and Beate and Jon-Luc. Photo taken in front of the Heidelberg University Library.


Jon-Luc at the entrance to the Heidelberg Castle. We had to park the car at the base of the hill and climb to the castle. No problem. Did I mention that Angie and I both lost 6 to 10 lbs while we were in Germany? Walking, walking, walking.


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Angie at the Castle and a look at the town.

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Beate and Jon-Luc atop one of the large wine casks, and Angie and me in front of the bottom of the cask.

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Some more views of the area, and a shot of the clock in the castle.

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The steep tram-looking thingy that runs between the bottom of the hill near the Nekar river and the entrance to the castle. I remember riding these trams 30 years ago when Janet and I visited the castle. They've improved it since then.

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The old city area of Heidelberg.
On the way home, Jon-Luc got his BMW up to 200 KPH on the Autobahn. That's 125 MPH folks.

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Our motel room in Worms. No air conditioning but it had two big windows that we left full open at night. The staff were the greatest. There were no washcloths. I guess I could have asked for some but "when in Rome". Besides, there's nothing quite like washing your butt with just a soapy hand...

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