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Wednesday 30 July 2008
On to Frankfurt and bye to Beate.
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Beate took us to Frankfurt, then bid us farewell as she had to get back to work the next day. It was a sad day for me.

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We did, however, check into our motel in Frankfurt and discovered that it had air conditioning! Ahh, the first cold air since we landed in Germany. The hotel staff gave us a room on the 17th floor. The highest floor that had rooms. The view was fantabulous.

And I would have given it all up to spend some more time with Beate, but that just was not to be. Maybe it is all for the better. I know that even the best friendships can become strained if the togetherness goes on for too long.


My first task was to re-learn the public transportation system that blankets Frankfurt. Beate had given us a primer when we came here a few days ago, which helped.
Transit learned, our first stop was the Hauptbahnhof. That's Frankfurt's main train station. 30 years ago, I spent many an hour there during my travels around Frankfurt. I also went there once a month on a Sunday evening for my monthly call to my parents back in the states.
Angie and I slowly walked through the ground floor of this massive place. We ambled along, letting the hurried flow of humanity wash over and around us.

It was cool.

We next went to look for the old Topper Club for a neighbor of mine that used to work there. The Topper Club was near the PX area which is now a block long Police building. We were able the find the Police building but we could not find the old Topper club area.

We called it a day.

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