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Thursday 31 July 2008
Revisit Hoechst and reunite with Doris.
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Today we revisited Hoechst in search of my first apartment on Leiderbacher Strasse #80. Leiderbacher Strasse runs the entire length of Hoechst from North to South. We walked the whole length of it starting on the South where it meets the train tracks. I quickly found Doris' parents old apartment. It was a bit disconcerting as, up until then, I was certain that Doris' parents apartment was not on Leiderbacher but, rather, was a few blocks over. This is yet another indication that memories can be wrong. Angie and I continued on in search of my first apartment.

We were walking along when something made me suddenly stop. It was bizarre! One moment I am just walking along and the next moment I realize that I had just stopped walking. I looked to my right and discovered that I was standing at the entrance to my old apartment.

Sometimes, memories can be quite imbedded.

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I was able to retrace my steps from the apartment to Mcnair Kaserne with only a single wrong turn. I think that my old stroll through the garden platz area sported a new gate so I had to detour around it. Angie and I spent some time at McNair taking more photos, then spent some time down the road a bit at the Stadt park.

Later that afternoon, we went to Doris's apartment and met up with Doris and some of her family.

As before, some experiences should not be put on the Internet but, rather, be savored by those who experienced it. This is also one of those times.

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