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Hey, everyone else in the world has a Blog now. Who am I to buck the trend?

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2007: January

06 Jan: Not much with regards to McNair. Some emails from people who have found my site. Beate's ex husband doesn't have contact with Beate anymore so is unable to forward my letter. Maybe someday.


14 Jan: Met a person who used to live the same apartment complex as I did. This is what I call my "Old" apartment. It was the first apartment I moved into and was my first step in the German world. She lived across the courtyard. She also didn't live there until a few years after I had already left! Doesn't matter as we both have common interests. She promised some photos and scans of documents. I look forward to them

New pages: Old_Apt.html which are photos of my first apartment, and Unknown_Photos_1.html as I start trying to identify photos sent to me.


21 Jan: Just got back from 3 days in El Paso visiting some old friends. Yes, not ALL of my life revolves around McNair...

2007: February

04 Feb: My waterbed sprung a leak. No, I didn't miss. (Let me know if you figured that one out!) Bought a new one. The excitement just never ends around here.

2007: March

28 March: I actually mailed out a few more letters this week. These are letters out to possible addresses of some of my old friends from back at McNair. I had all but given up on my searching. A friend I met from my old high school (Frankfurt American High School) ran a few names through a database he has access to. Of the 20 or so names and addresses, I found 8 that looked promising. Out the letters went.

Reunion coming up... Scary.

2007: April

01 April: Just got an email from another old friend! Oh, how that made my day. I have given up many times, the searching, only to find an excuse to pick it back up. I am so glad I did. I hope to hear more from A.C. (*) soon.

Sometimes, life is good.

(* Not his real initials or sex...maybe.)


08 April: A.C (*) and I had a nice talk. A.C. is one of my best remembered friends from back then. (S)he was just so laid back and easy to get along with. So unlike me that we got along great, until I got all goofy towards the end of my stay there. Some things we talked about just didn't add up but I know why. You see, I've noticed that some memories of people and from people are not exactly... accurate. I know because they will disagree with some positive proof I have; paperwork, photos, etc. Well, with talking with A.C., there are some people and events that I just SHOULD have known, but didn't. Reason? My memory of that time was not complete. After digesting the info. I've realized (and deduced) some things that happened and some time lines that are different than I remember. It's not frightening or anything, just interesting to note.

Always yearned for just one more Henninger or Binding Bier? Me too. So I did something about it. I went HERE and did a search for Henninger. Last night, for $2.89 a bottle, I enjoyed the fruits of my labors:

(Click on the image to get a better look)

Not under license either, the bottle was actually filled in Frankfurt. Ahhh!!!! Forget Miller, It's HENNINGER TIME! Only problem is that I have to drive to New Mexico to get it.

(* Not his real initials or sex...maybe.)


30 April: Saying for the week: "Actually, I'm a blond, not a redhead". (You know who you are!)

2007: May

20 May: Another letter went out via international mail to Germany last week. This one is in search of another old friend and his sister. I didn't enclose the SASE and IRC though. They are expensive and earlier attempts at including them weren't very effective.

Here's a little something I wanted to share with you-all. This is one of the reasons I like working in the field:

(Click on the image to get a better look)

2007: June

03 June: I keep hearing employers talking about the trouble they are having finding employees. Time and time again it's the same: "I can't find ANYONE who will work for me." I disagree and counter with: "It's not that you cannot find anyone to work, it's that you cannot find anyone to work FOR THE WAGES YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY. Pay a decent wage and they'll be lining up at the door. For sources of funding for these wages, I suggest you look at the spread of pay between your lowest paid worker and your highest paid worker." CEO's making 10 million dollars a year while lower echelon jobs go unfilled is just stupid.

We are still waiting to hear from our old friend and his sister. Every day we do not hear from one of them decreases our chances of finding one of them. Rats.


10 June: I had a chance of walking up to Mount Livermore today. I needed to get up to finish some repairs I did last week to a repeater system that is up there. Usually, I get Tony Timmons to take me up in his big truck-like ATV. That's how I got up there last weekend, in fact, when we replaced 6 of the 12 deep cycle batteries used with the solar panels to power the repeater site. Recent rains up there had both Tony and I worried about traction and slipping on the way down so I decided to hoof it. Besides, I pretty well knew what we needed to finish last weeks trip and it all only came to some 30 lbs or so. For the driving part of the trip. I took my 4X4 and ATV:

(Click on the image to get a better look)

The truck got me to the end of pavement and the ATV got me to Bridge Gap. Bridge Gap is the end of machine-powered transport for all but the most fool hardy of travelers to Mount Livermore. I left my ATV there, donned my backpack, and started up the last 1,000 feet of ascent to the top. I'm not talking your leisurely stroll down a national park trail either. This trip is a constant back and forth switch backed trail offering little chance to move forward without also gaining altitude. If you are in a BIG hurry, you can do it in an hour. Big clouds were forming. I did it in an hour.

Livermore Peak
(Click on the image to get a better look)

I guess I could just as easily have called the repeater system owner and told him that we couldn't make the trip; that full repairs would have to wait until I got back from vacation. But I didn't. Let's face it, at 49 years old I wanted to see if I still have it in me. I do.

Besides, I love the walk and the scenery.

2007: August

27 August: I was originally going to say this: "I think that I've found everyone that can be found, and everyone that wants to be found."
Instead, I will say this: "Never give up. The rewards are well worth every effort made."

2007: September

09 September: Germany is waking up...

OK! Who did the web search for "31M20 Germany" and "mickey pratt"???

2007: October

14 October: A major lightning strike hit my house. It took out two of my three computers, the network card on my third computer, my wireless router, one of my VCR's, the charger for one of my radios, my satellite Internet box, my dial-up modem, and my wife's bread maker! I can understand all the other stuff but why the bread maker???

Found another German friend. 4 more to go.


30 October: O.K! Who are these two computers that keep looking at my site? One is in Houston and the other is in Canada. Come on, fess up! 8-). Could one of them be who I think it is? I can only hope.

2007: November

12 November: "Privacy no longer can mean anonymity, says Donald Kerr, the principal deputy director of national intelligence. Instead, it should mean that government and businesses properly safeguard people’s private communications and financial information." ( I believe that this person is an idiot. I challenge this employee of mine to show me where, exactly, the Constitution allows the government to access to my private communications and financial information.

Google Ron Paul, then help us put this man into office. (OK. There's my political statement for the year. )


26 November: I was over in Boerne, Texas at my Sister's place for Thanksgiving this year. I checked my email one morning and almost hit the floor when I saw an email from a friend in Germany. 9 found, 2 to go. It can be done... Patience, young grasshopper.


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