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2008: January

08 Jan: This month marks the 2 years anniversary of the unveiling of my McNair web site, more or less. Time to take stock of what I've accomplished:

I am still down to 2 of my old friends still unaccounted for. They both are proving to be most elusive. One has no presence on the web nor any presence on any of my search tools. Most disturbing , that. The other, by way of her name, has entirely too much presence on the net. I cannot find the path to her because of all the noise. I am still trying to locate them. I am tenacious... to a fault.

What of the other 9 people that I have found? Satisfied lives for the most part, mixed in with more than a few that have passed on. Sad, but not unexpected. Fulfilling reunions and more to come.

Wow! I guess I am a bit melancholy his morning!

I am toying with the idea of moving all the McNair stuff over to its own site. Not expensive but there is a cost. The move would give me a chance to re-do the look of the site and start adding all these photos and memories I've collected. Any opinions out there about this?

I'll make a decision one dark evening when I actually have a few free moments.

Parting shot: CLICK HERE to see a video of what Texans do when the car show is rained out, the beer starts flowing, and the gauntlet is thrown. (I now own the truck on the right.)

2008: February

17 Feb: OK. I've been busy. Too busy to play with my Blog. Hey, even us "Technogeeks" have a life too. Sad and pathetic but a life nevertheless.

What did I do this weekend?

Well, I spent some time trying to figure out how to put a video file on one of my web sites. Hmmm. Work in progress there. I don't know why it stutters... I need to stream a bit more before I start the video.

I watched an up-and-coming newscaster. She reminds me of a friend of mine that I've kept up with since I met her at Sul Ross State University. (At least her videos work).

I designed and installed a wireless well control system for a local business. I won't make much money on it but it was fun to do.

Wireless Well Pump 1
Wireless Well Pump 2

Plus the usual. Made my Friday night (and sometimes Saturday night) chat with some old Frankfurt American High School friends. Did the Instant Messaging thing with some people. Transferred a couple more movies from VHS to DVD. Took Angie out on our "Date Night". Worked on the Ham Club's ATV. The gas tank is shot on this 24 year old 4-wheeler, but I bought a new one... Cataloged up some photos. Played with my MySpace page. Listened to some music like this, and this, and this (listen to the middle song) . Did some Honey Do's.

...And did McNair stuff. I found the daughter of one of our old friends that has passed away. I found her on MySpace. Lucky break but the email conversation is frustratingly slow. I am hoping that information from this progeny of our past will be able to shed light on one of the two old friends I am still trying to find.

As for the other friend? I have a pretty good idea where to send letters but I hesitate. Why? Well, I am pretty sure that any info I find on him will be in the form of verification of yet another old friend that has passed on. As long as I hold off on the letters, then I can hope for the best.

Sometimes, verification sucks. I still hope...

Lots of people ask where I find the time to do all of this stuff. I dunno. Maybe it's because I don't watch much T.V. Never did, never will.

2008: July

20 July: Hey! Who stole March and April? Not that much to report,. I guess.
To the two holdouts on my old friends list: I am headed to Germany NEXT WEEK. I know that at least one of you still lives in Germany and I am guessing that the other of you also may be over in the land of good beer. Here is a public request asking you to email me so we can link up. What's to hurt?
There. I think I have prostrated and humiliated myself enough for now.

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