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In late July and early August 2008 my wife, Angie, and I traveled back to Germany. It was the first time for me since I left back in 1979. It was the first time ever for Angie. Here are the photos we took while we were in Hoechst and at the old McNair Kaserne.
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Finally, after 30 years away, I step into the "quad" of the former McNair Kaserne.

ImgLooking north toward where the women were billeted.   ImgContinue on to the right a bit. the 201st was billeted in the building in the middle of the photo.   Img The east entrance.

ImgHeadquarters company was billeted in the building in middle of this photo.   Img Looking at the south of the Kaserne. The mess hall was on the left of this part of the Kaserne.  

Img Finally, all the way to the right.

Img I headed off to the south-west corner of the quad and took another photo looking north. Interesting notation: I don't remember being over in this part of the quad and taking this photo. It is the location where I stood formation so many time. I guess old habits are hard to break.  

This monolith is in the center of the quad.
It reports that they found evidence of a Roman era (?) building occupying this spot.
I guess we were merely transient caretakers of this place.


  Img Another photo looking south. This photo is the inverse of the photo on the far left.

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