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This page holds photos and information and stuff that I just can't categorize... yet:
  • Anyone remember DAP Handshakes?
  • There were around 850 people working and/or living at McNair in 1977.
  • The phone number for HHC barracks was 2315-627. That's FFM Military, not FFM civilian.
  • It took about 45 minutes by Straussenbahn (streetcar) to get from McNair to the PX.
  • It cost $8.32 (plus tip) to take a cab from the PX back to the Kaserne
  • There were 356 steps from the front gate of the Kaserne to the Motor Pool.
  • It took about 7 days for a letter to travel from the United States to McNair. APO N. Y. 09757.
  • The Kaserne used circulating hot water for heat and the best of wishes for air conditioning.
  • K-Strasse (Kaiser Strasse) was the name of the street with all of the nightclubs and nude bars.
    It was across the street from the Hauptbahnhof in Frankfurt.
  • On 17 April 1977, a $1.00 bill would get you 2 Mark 37 (2.37 Marks).
  • Haircuts cost $1.95.
  • Having your fatigues cleaned and "Bricked Starched" cost $1.50.
  • If you paid for your meals in the Mess Hall, then you had to cough up $0.55, $1.25 and $1.85 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, respectively. (I think the use of the words "cough up" is especially appropriate!)
  • Movies at the theater cost from $0.75 to $1.00...
  • Some of the movies I saw were: "Jaws", "Tommy", "Cooley High", "aloha, bobby and rose" and "White Line Fever" (on Jan 22, 1977).
  • I currently have all of these movies in my movie collection.
  • Everyone in the Kaserne was required to see the film "Roots" when it came out.
  • We had 24 hour female visitors rights in the Kaserne... in case we got lucky or something...
  • I used to store soft drinks on my window ledge and sell them to G.I.s since the soft drink machines were always broken.
  • Anyone remember X112? A few drops in your beer and they cancel each other out... sort of...
  • My old apartment on 80 Liederbacher Strasse cost about $150.00/month for rent, ~$10.00/month for electricity, and took a $150.00 deposit.
  • My new apartment on 11 Emmerich - Josef Str. cost about $420.00/month.

I have a note that Pink Floyd performed in Frankfurt on January 27th, 1977. Tickets cost 25 D-Marks ($12.50 U.S.) Can anyone confirm this? I didn't go because I had just gotten out of surgery.

1970 Newsletter

(Courtesy of Vinnie Ruggiero)
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Garden Platz

Official letterhead - 1976


Garden Platz

Garden Platz

Going Home

Coming home...



What you do when you have CQ*,
the OD* is cool, and there's nothing left to read.

*CQ = Charge of Quarters
*OD = Officer of the Day

Irish Folkrock ticket.

A ticket for entrance to an Irish Folk rock festival. I don't remember who I went with though. 18 May 1977 has me still living in my Old Apartment so I am guessing I went with Christine or Doris or both.

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