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So we have this neat line drawing of the Kaserne, courtesy of
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Overhead View 1950s


  1. (73) Open field (1).
    A softball field. Never played there but spent many hours watching our female team (2).
    The field had 2 softball areas. One out by the street and the other by the bowling alley (area #2) (4).
  2. (75)I do not remember anything being at that corner because I know we dug a pit there for the Organization Day tug-of-war in 1975. There was a backstop in the northwest corner but no field laid out there (2).
  3. Gym. Racket ball courts. Long leg was a 4-Lane bowling alley (1)(2).
  4. German flower nursery, were everyone bought plants for the cemetery (4).
  5. Truck inspection area. Hoods up! Pour oil on the winch cable! (web site owner).
    (77) Motor park for C Company, and I believe part of D Company (2).
  6. (73) Line bay building. When I arrived there (1973) the arrangement, from the west end, was Main Platoon, Alternate Platoon, C Company motor pool, the rest D Company. Later, the west end of the building was assigned to the 856 ASA (2).
  7. (78) Main gate and the north entrance to the Motor Pool. Guard posted here 24/7. This was the place where the guard was sleeping while some G.I. tried to torch his truck over by location #8. It happened around 1976-1980 (web site owner) .
  8. "...was part of a secure area where our radio/RATT rigs were stored (2).
    HF Platoons Ratt rigs were located in area 8 (7).
  9. (78) HHC TAC-CP parking area (web site owner) .
  10. Possibly the Catholic church (1).
    Chapel, used for all services (2).
    ...was the all service chapel (4).
    ...the 32nd Signal Battalion/Hoechst Military Subcommunity Chapel.(8)
  11. The officer/senior NCO club (2).
  12. Battalion ELM (signal maintenance) in 1974 until early 1975, the north end. I believe the rest of the building at the time was not in use, maybe even in ragged shape. Later, the west end of the building was assigned to the 856 ASA (2).
    ...Headquarters motor pool. Shared with the 6000 mile unit in 1954-1955 (317th Engineers . (2).
  13. C Company bays. The north end as of 1975 was ELM shop, followed by bays for Main and Alternate Platoons after they moved from #6. The south end was the Cable And Wire Platoon bay (2).
  14. Battalion Headquarters motor shops (2).
  15. Vehicle wash racks. Lower area was the fueling station (2). Regular and Diesel fuel. No "Ethyl" available!
  16. Battalion S-4 (supply) building (2).
  17. EM Club (2).
  18. "A" Company bays. Not sure if the whole thing was "A" Company. There was a basement access on the North side of the building. In 1976 the "A" Company Wire Operations Platoon cleaned out this basement area and moved in (3).
  19. Auto craft shop. (#18 may have been part of that. I do recall both buildings were in a separate fenced area.)(2).
    (78-79) was the motor pool bay for the 201st Signal Company (10).
  20. Believe was the battalion motor pool offices, including the driver training and testing (2).
    (77-79) Charlie-6 was located in the Corner above Bldg 20 to the Northeast.  It bordered the outside fence.   There were two RATT rigs on the ground facing North and a semi-trailer (5 ton) used as the com center building facing east and west.  All the teletype equipment and phones were in the trailer, but the transmitters were located in the rigs on the ground.  The fence was a 12 footer.  The gate was always locked and you rang a buzzer at the gate to get someone from inside to come out and let you in.  It was manned 24/7/365 (7).
  21. May be the fueling station (2) but that conflicts with the data on #15.
    (I)n 1977 #21 was a fuel pump but was not used, the fueling was done near the wash rack (7).
    (77-79) HF platoons office was in building 21(7).
  22. Battalion ELM (signal maintenance) in 1973-1977 (2).
  23. South entrance to the Motor Pool. Walk in only, no trucks? Guard posted here 24/7.
  24. Battalion ELM (signal maintenance) in 1970-1972. "That’s where I took my FDM equipment in for repair. They repaired the modules, replaced tubes, and things back in 1970-1972" (6). (FDM is short for Frequency Division Multiplication. We also used Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) to interlace the audio from many phone calls onto a single radio channel or cable pair.)
  25. Theater. This building is still being used as a theater (as of 2006, that is).
  26. Service Club building. Pool, Fuseball, etc (1). The Rec Center, had a photo lab in it, you could make leather belts and wallets and some jewelry work too. Large room with a stage on the left, Fuseball and pool tables down the very end , on the right. BBQ area was out back, through the small kitchen. There was a ceramic shop in there in the late 80ties, early 90ties (4). (Wasn't there also a wood shop?)
  27. Library.
  28. Michael Barracks. Home of the 856th ASA. Hush hush stuff. Prior to that it was the Frankfurt area consolidated personnel before they moved downtown, later remodeled for the Army Security Agency (ASA) unit (2).
  29. McNair Kaserne.

"Not sure about the buildings in particular but there was a ‘hole’ in the fence on the east side where a path lead to a watering hole across the tracks. Several ‘short-timers’ used this access to “Mom’s place”, I think it was called, for a liquid lunch. It would have been in mid-1973" (2).

"The library has a restaurant in it now with a big out door Bier Garten, the rec center building is still there but I do not know what is in it and the theater is still being used too" (4).

(1) = Harlan Wampole (73-74)
(2) = Robert Stephens (73-77)
(3) = Kim Roehrig (75-77)
(4) = Alex Epps
(5) = Brian Klein (81-83)
(6) = Gene Darlak (70-72)
(7) = Thomas Letts (77-79)
(8) = Rick Williamson (76-79)
(9) = Fred C. (54-55)
(10) = Mark Digatono (78-79)


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