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The Henninger Turm (Tower) is located over in Sachsenhausen, south of Frankfurt and just across the Main river. Sachsenhausen is the night spot of Frankfurt and home to lots of bars and nightclubs. The Turm was a restaurant and observation deck located 120 meters atop a grain silo holding raw materials for Henninger Bier. First, we would cough up 1 Mark 50 for the elevator, run by some suit with a boring job, then enter the restaurant proper.

It was a very interesting restaurant. The booths were all situated along the outside windows of the circular building. The booths themselves were mounted on a turntable that slowly turned at one revolution per hour, affording a 360 degree view of the skyline of greater Frankfurt. Since only the booths moved, the designers did not have the added expense of providing plumbing etc to the turntable part of the building. The windows and walls right next to your seat also slowly slid by you. We would often leave little notes on the windowsills and then wait to rotate back to the notes to see what other restaurant patrons had written on them.

One of the most memorable views was located just a few blocks from the Turm itself. It seems the rival local beer maker, Binding Bier, had painted a large advertisement of itself on top of a building that could easily be seen by the Henninger Turm patrons. Got to love it.

I went there many times for the views and the good food. I learned that just a few years ago, Henninger went out of business and the Henninger Term was scheduled for demolition. Frankfurt residents revolted at the thought of losing the local attraction and the building was saved. I don't know if the restaurant has be re-opened yet but I certainly hope it is.


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Henninger Turm 01
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Henninger Turm Ticket
Ticket for the elevator.


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The elevator dude.


Henninger bier
The source of a million hangovers.


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