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The actual name of the Castle is "Hoechster Schloss" which means, literally, Hoechst Castle (thanks, Ulrike.)

The Hoechst castle is located on the Main river near downtown Hoechst. I think that it is right on the waterfront and just downstream (west) of the ferry that we used to get to the Sand Pits.

I don't remember much about the castle. I do know that I went there at least once because I remember the sites in some of these photos. Apparently, inside the castle was a photo history of the town that dated back to WWII (Thanks J.T!).

Hoechst was one of the few towns in the area that survived the Allied bombings during WWII.

Since I don't remember it well so I don't really have much to say about it. Anyone else want to pick up the ball here and say a few words?

02 May 2010: Tony, a German citizen tells us: "I'm living close to Hoechst and used to work for the US Army from 1969 to 1973, doing transportations."

He goes on to describe the Hoechst Castle for us:

"in the very beginning the hill of the castle was a Roman castle in 82, changed into a Germanic (Franconian tribe) fort in 780 and used as summer residence of the archbishop of Mainz since 1390. Destroyed several times, last time by the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802, then left in ruins, became a romantic area for young couples to date. In 1945 the AFN was put into the tower of the castle till 1965, then became a folklore place with some fresh paint. Every year in July they have the castle festival their, with folk groups coming to present their music."
Thanks, Tony. I lived for quite some time just a few blocks from the castle.


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(All photos courtesy of W. Meaney.)

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Nomie Rodriguez admiring the flowers.

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