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I'm 18 years old, in Germany, in the Army, making way less than minimum wage, and working 10 hour days when I'm not out on some mountain top and sleeping on a cot. What else can I do to while away the hours I don't have and the money that isn't in my wallet?

Well, for starters there was the Ebbelwei-Expreß (Applewine Express). This was Frankfurt's way to make a buck (mark?) from their old Strassenbahn cars. We would hop aboard, pay a sum, and consume a small bottle of apple wine and a large pretzel while the locals looked at us like were were tourists or something.

In March of 1979, Mickey Pratt, Janet White, and I all went to see Journey and Pat Travers in concert over in Offenbach at the Stadthalle. The local Frankfurt biker gang provided the security. Rick Robinson was also there, but I didn't know this until June 2006!

Der Jazzkeller was located in the basement of a building right next to the Jazzhaus near the Operahaus. A group of us went there once back in January, 1979. It was there that I listened to some of the most talented xylophone jazz music I had ever heard.

Then there was the February, 1979 two day fest over at the Frankfurt College. I don't remember much about that one.

Janet White coaxed me into going to many places while we were together. The Heidelberg castle, the Zoo, the gardens, even a trip to see the East-West german border. Then there's that time we went to a huge indoor swimming pool where I had the dubious opportunity to wear women's clothing... in public... with pride. Don't ask. I thank her for giving me the chance to see more than just the Kaserne and my apartment.

Finally, there was a swimming place called the Sand Pits ("Walldorfer Kiesgrube") where Christine and friends and I would hang out. It was located way out south of town by the Frankfurt-Main airport in Zeppelinheim. Took forever to get there by bicycle but it was worth the trip. It was fashioned out of an old quarry and was roughly circular with a somewhat steep, sand covered beach around its circumference. At one end of this lake was the family area with Mom and Dad and the kiddos. As you continued around the beach towards the opposite end of the quarry, the amount of clothing worn became less and less until, at the far end, it was a nude beach. We usually situated ourselves about 1/2 way between the two extremes. Some topless was about it.
And no, I don't have any photos of this.

Does anyone know the location of this place? I'd love to Google Earth it.
(2010) Well, "Tony from Frankfurt" (he didn't give his last name) sent me info about the swimming place:[_id_inhalt]=1139356

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Journey and Pat Travers
Journey & Pat Travers concert.


Der Jazzkeller
Der Jazzkeller.


University Ticket
Frankfurt University Party.


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