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Overhead View 1950s

McNair Kaserne in the 1950s.
(Photo courtesy of:

I arrived in Germany on 12 September, 1976. I was 18 and this was my first trip outside of the continental United States, or even east of the Mississippi river for that matter. After a day at the 201st Replacement Battalion, I was assigned to Company C, 32nd Signal Battalion here at McNair Kaserne in Hoechst (Höchst), just west of Frankfurt, Germany. This would be my home, more or less, for the next two and one half years. Although I had been working since I was about 13 (thanks to family business work laws) and living on my own since I was 16, I was totally unprepared for the U.S. Army's decision to send me to a foreign country.

I was a babe in the woods.

McNair was then known as "The Zoo" and I thought it looked like a prison. I spent a few months living in a room in the Kaserne until my obnoxious personality and a transfer into Headquarters Company (HHC) and the newly commissioned "TAC-CP" platoon enabled me to move into my own apartment. This was also known as moving "into the economy".

Anyhow, it was like the floodgates had opened once I moved out into the economy. No longer was my life consumed by endless Motor Pool, Field Problems, Formations, and Heavy Beer Drinking. For it was then that I met some wonderful people that managed to overlook the fact that I was a jerk and made themselves comfortable in my life and, for one or two, in my heart.

A friend of mine from back then recently said this about his time at McNair: " wasn't the was the people who made it great !!!" I now realize how true those words are and how much of a loss it is not to have kept in touch with these people. I can only recall a couple of people from my High School years. I can barely remember anyone from the three Colleges I attended. Even my time at the 142nd Signal Battalion over at Ft. Hood left me with the memories of a single friend and his wife (Hi Dan!).

But I distinctly remember a lot of the friends from my time at McNair. I can close my eyes and recall people, events, and some great times even through they occurred over 25 years ago. That is how much of an impact these people have made on my life.

People like:

  • Doris Grau (civilian): FOUND: Email me for contact info.
  • Christine Harper: FOUND: Email me for contact info.
  • Mark Sefton: FOUND: Email me for contact info.
  • Alan Huber (Sergeant) FOUND: Email me for more info.
  • Beate Bieber (civilian) FOUND: Email me for contact info.
  • Ana Medel (Spec 4): FOUND: Email me for contact info.
  • Dale Borgwardt (Sergeant): FOUND: Email me for contact info.
  • Mickey Pratt: FOUND: (Spec 4): Click here for more info.
  • Ellen Bornath - Mathey (civilian): FOUND: Email me for contact info.
  • Janet White - Eason (U.S. citizen): FOUND.
  • Pedro Ortiz: FOUND: Email me for contact info.

Here are a few photos...

The Gang
REAR: Janet, Alan, Steve, Beate, Ana.
FRONT: Me, Ellen, Marc, Mark.

Beata, Monica, Ellen
Beate, Monica, and Ellen.

Hilda's Place
TOP: Bob Huber, Christine, Rickard Stam, Bettina.
BOTTOM: William Wood, Mark Sefton, Rosie, Franz, Claudia, Claudia, Me, Mickey Pratt, Elfie.

So I spent 2 and a half years and all my money there. On 20 March, 1979, after 2 years, 6 months, and 8 days, I went back to the world and was transferred to Ft. Hood, Texas; a few short hours from my family.
I got to go home...

Going Home
Abilene, Texas airport


  • has an area just for the 32nd Signal Battalion. 400+ members and it's totally free. If you're looking for an old buddy from McNair, then this is the site for you.
    This is a big one, folks. Walter Elkins has done a great job chronicling the role the Army played in Germany from 1945 until 1989 . Pack a lunch because you'll be on his site for awhile.

To the west
View to west from the Quad.
Courtesy of W. Meaney.


View of east entrance from the Quad.
Courtesy of W. Meaney.


Entrance 2
View of the east entrance from outside of the Kaserne.
Courtesy of W. Meaney.


Me hanging out
Me in my room.


Google Earth Map

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Map of McNair
Here's a map of the place. See more about this map HERE.

Shoe Tree
The "Shoe Tree", the laundry mat and the west entrance. Taken from my C-Company room.

Window View 2
Another view out of the window towards the right a bit.

Window View
View to the west showing apartments Jan 1977.

Window View
Another view out of the windows towards the west, I think.

The Quad
Steve Taylor in the "Quad". Photo looking west from the HHC building.

Mickey Pratt in the Quad
Mickey Pratt in the "Quad". Photo looking west.

Alan Huber in the Quad
Alan Huber in the "Quad". Photo looking east. The East Entrance is on the right of the photo.

Rec Center
My teachers in the Recreational Center.

Truck in parking Lot
Truck in the parking lot on west side of McNair.

Room Mates 1
Some of my roommates.

Wonder what this guy is up to?

Short Wheels
Anyone remember these?

Someone I knew in his room.

Forgotten Friend
Fran Hoeflich-Minner. Fran is no longer with us...

Forgotten Friend
"Ready for formation yet?"

Ana Medel in park
Ana Medel in the park across the tracks.

Me posing
Me posing for a photo.

Me fiddling around
Me fiddling around.

Me in my room

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