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On 31 March, 2006, my search for Mickey Pratt ended.

I met Mickey Pratt late in my stay at McNair Kaserne. Mickey was a Spec-4 assigned to Headquarters Company and I can't for the life of me remember his job. It doesn't matter, Mickey and I became friends for friends sake and not just because we shared job interests.

Mickey lived on the second floor in the south-east building of McNair Kaserne. He lived with Mark Sefton in the smallest room I think I ever saw there. It was barely large enough for the beds set up as bunk beds, the lockers and a table filled with Mickey's very expensive stereo equipment. I remember numerous times when we would cram a dozen people into that little room to listen to the incredible sounds coming from the Thorens turntable, Phase Linear amplifier and Infinity Quatrum Line Source speakers.

Mickey Pratt and Mark Sefton cared enough about me to give me a going-away party over at Hilde Hutchings apartment on Sindlinger Strasse. I had a wonderful time at that party, though I only really knew Mickey and Mark there.

I still remember the last time I saw Mickey before I left Germany. I was just leaving the Hoechst platform on an eisenbahn (train) when I happened to look out the window of the train car. I saw Mickey and his date, Beate Bieber walking with Janet White and Doug Eason from the Kaserne back to Janet's apartment on Emmerich Joseph Strasse.

Fast forward from 1979 to around 1981. Mickey was back living in his hometown of Littleton, Colorado and I was living 2 days from there in Abilene, Texas. Mickey drove all the way down from Colorado and stayed with me for about a week. I had a great time showing him my family, my new town, and the college I was attending at the time. At the end of the visit, we both promised to keep in touch.

We never did.

Just a few days ago, I was obsessing with my wife, Angie about my efforts to contact Mickey. We mailed a dozen letters to various places in Colorado, where I last knew he lived and even called 10 phone numbers in that area. It was all in vain.

Mickey died on 05 May, 1987 near Anchorage, Alaska. Mickey died in an avalanche while mountain climbing. He was 28 years old.

The world is a sadder place without him and I mourn his passing.

(Some information on this page courtesy of Mickey's Dad, Glen.)

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Mickey Pratt 1
Mickey in the McNair Quad.


Mickey Pratt 2
At my going away party at Hilde's House.


Mickey Pratt 3
At my going away party at Hilde's House.


Mickey Pratt 3
Here's the confirmation of his death.


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