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The Höchster Stadtpark (City Park) was located to the east of the main entrance of McNair Kaserne, right on the other side of the eisenbahn (railroad) tracks. It was gigantic. What I remember most about the Stadtpark was running through the thing every morning before work as we did our P.T. (physical training). Every morning. Rain or shine. Cold or hot. Running around and around in my clean, fresh fatigues. Staring at the sweat covered, bouncing neck of the troop in front of me and wondering if it'll ever end. Getting all hot and sweaty so I can face the workday in hot, sweaty clothes.

I sure was in shape though.

Oh, don't forget the cadence songs, like:

"I know a girl that lives up the hill..."
"She won't do it but her sister will..."
"Sound Off!!!"
"One, two"
"Three, four"
"Bring it on down..."
"One, two, three, four... One, two... THREE FOUR!"

What WERE we thinking?

I don't remember spending much of my free time at the Stadtpark. I distinctly remember that it was there that I first met Doris. It was the time Christine, Doris, Ulrike, Andrea and I all spent a day there relaxing. I also have a photo of Ana Medel taken there so there's another time. That's about it, except for all the morning P.T. stuff.

All of the photos on this page are courtesy of W. Meaney. Mr. Meaney lived in the apartment above my apartment on Emmerich Joseph Strasse. He and I have been in contact since just after I added the McNair part of this web site. He has sent me a cornucopia of photos from that time and I thank him for that.

I hope he realizes just how much some of those photos, and the memories they bring, mean to me.

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