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Wandering Star Rally
Paris Rally
Paris, Texas 1991

The 4th race of our career was held in Paris, Texas. The majority of the Transit Stages and all of the Special (race) Stages were held on the grounds of a National Guard base.

Paris was known as a "Co-Drivers Race". The base was thoroughly crisscrossed with paved and dirt roads, tank trails, and rutted paths all over the place. This made it very hard for the Co-Driver (me) because I could very easily misjudge an instruction in the Route Book and get us lost.

It was kind of like trying to drive in Midland, Texas at 100 MPH.

One neat thing about the small confines of the base was that the Service Park stayed in one spot. This means that our pit crew (James' wife and my wife) were able to watch us fly by at speed as we raced a Special Stage that took us right by them.


Since the was a Co-Drivers race, I was extremely busy the entire time I was there. During one Special Stage I was sitting in the passenger seat, being thrown around as we drove down the course, and getting to see absolutely none of the race course itself. The Route Book was so complicated that I did not have time to look out of the windshield and, instead, used the motions of the car to tell me when we had made a turn.

I noticed that the road had gotten a lot bumpier that it was supposed to. I stole a glance out of the windshield only to find that we were entirely off of the road and that James was frantically threading us through the trees in an attempt to get us back on the road before we t-boned a tree.

I then glanced out of the passenger window as we passed by a particularly large tree and saw it scrape down the side (MY SIDE!) of the car and take out the rearview mirror.

"Never look out of the windshield unless you have to," was a lesson I learned that day.

Or maybe all that occured the next year when we were racing in the RX-7. Who knows? It happened, though.

I raced in Paris twice in my career.

Next stop. 1992 Prescott, Arizona.

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VW Behore Race
The VW before the race.


VW Staging
The countdown before the first Special Stage.


Racing Passed Service
Racing passed the Service Area.


Angie at Service Area
Angie at the Service Area.


VW at Service Area
The VW at Service.

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