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Silvercliff Rally
Silvercliff, Colorado
July 1991

This is our third race and we are finally getting into the swing of racing. We have a long way to go before we can work together as a team but we are learning fast and slowly working our way up in the standings.

We head off the Silvercliff - Westcliff in the south-east of Colorado, the site of the next race in the series.

Now, I used to live in Wyoming but haven't been back to the Rocky Mountains since I left when I was 12 years old or so. I had forgotten how beautiful the Rockies can be... in the summer. Angie and I drove up to the race in our little Chevy S-10 pickup and it was the first time Angie had ever seen the Rockies. It was good to watch her experience the beauty.

So James and I get started for the race. We enjoyed a short little Transit Stage down a highway and onto a dirt road, and find our place in the line of race cars waiting for the start of the Special (Race) Stage.

In most Special Stages each race car gets the green flag in one minute intervals. This is done to keep all the cars from starting immediately which would quickly lead to a mess. Each car's start time is factored in at the end of the Special Stage to come up with the total time needed to complete the Special Stage and figure out who was first, second, third etc.

This very first Special Stage was a bit different. The race course was set up so that the race car immediately took a right turn, drove around a small hill, then returned back up the road and passed the starting line on its way on down the course. It was pretty neat in that, as we waited our turn to race, we could see each car take off, then shortly later fly passed us at speed.

So, we were watching one car return from the hill. It flew onto the road to our right and took that road just a little too wide. Suddenly, the car drifted wide, slid down an embankment, and flipped over as it came to a rest in the gully next to the road. "Uhhh" said I, in an unusual lack of words. Shortly, we saw a couple of helmeted people climb out of the inverted car. James and I were relieved to see that the passengers were safe, but we felt sorry for the fact that they wrecked their car in the very first Special Stage. I am also sure we both silently acknowledged the fact that there was now one fewer car to race against. Hey! It's a competition you know.

If you click on the photo of the yellow car on the right side of this page, you'll notice the stencil "J. GOLDEN A+". J. Golden is the name of the driver and the A+ is his blood type. Rally rules specify that this information for the driver and co-driver be stenciled on every car. That's really frightening once you think about it for a minute.

Next stop: Paris, Texas.

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Car before race
The race car before the race.


Over the hill
"Over the hill"...


Through the dale
"And through the dale"...


Around curve
"To grandmother's house we go." And none to slow at that!


Ken Stewart
A car that rolled and DNF'd. That's me with the long hair.

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