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Prescott Forest Rally
Prescott, Arizona
25 April 1992

Prescott had to have been the most bizarre race I had ever attended in my career.

For starters, the race was way over in Prescott, Arizona; a full two days drive from our home in Ft. Davis, Texas. Angie and I decided to drive our new little Geo Storm while the car owner, James Cook, would trailer in with the race car. James was still working on the car when we decided to leave but assured me that he would meet us there.

Did I mention that Angie was 8 months pregnant at the time? The Geo was a nice car and embarrassingly fast after I got through modifying it, but it was diminutive. Poor Angie had to pour herself into it and I had to help pry her out of the thing. She really wanted to go, though, and I really wanted her to go with me so we made it work.

The Prescott Forest Rally was a National Rally, unlike the Divisional Rallys I had been going to up until then. That means all the big names were there. The competition looked fierce.

James showed up the day after we arrived but he showed up without his race car! Instead, he arrived with John Lannom and his VW. Uhh, OK. John Lannom was from Ft. Stockton and had been racing Pro Rally for many more years than we had.

Pro Rally rules allowed us a substitution of any two of three things: Driver, Co-Driver, or Car. Any substitution, though, means we would have to start the race stages after everyone else has started. So we substituted the Driver and the Car and proceeded to race.

John was FAST. We were passing slower race cars throughout the entire race. That's no mean feat since each car ahead of us had started at least a minute before we started.

So we raced and raced and raced. Fortunately, this rally was a only a one day affair, starting off early Saturday afternoon and ending up late Sunday morning.

Lannon and I did fantastic. I only missed one instruction during a Transit Stage and I caught my error soon enough that we did not accrue any late points. Lannom dragged me and his VW from last place to 9th position by the end of the race.

All told, we passed 31 other race cars that night.


Then Angie and I sloshed our way home and waited for Keisha to pop out.

Next stop: Paris, Texas .

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Geo Storm
The Geo Storm.


Johns VW
John's VW.


John and I
John and I at ceremonious start.


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I work, others go play.


The competition.


More competition
More competition.


More competition
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