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Back in the early 1990's, I used to race SCCA Pro-Rally as a co-driver for James Cook, a contractor living over in Alpine. James owned the cars and did the actual driving while I set in the passenger seat with a Route Book and a Trip Computer. This essentially meant that I was in a race car without the benefit of a steering wheel or brake pedal or anything. Just a computer, a stopwatch, and a pat on the back now and then.

We started with a VW beetle. Drove it for a couple of years and I managed to get first place in my division while co-driving in it. Then we moved up to a Mazda RX-7. Very fast even though we were using the 12A engine rather than the bigger 13B engine. James had done a very good job at building it up. It looked good, was very reliable, and faster than a sailor with a three day pass.

Unfortunately, my budding family, funding constraints, and ever-increasing rule restrictions led to our decision to end this hobby.

Pro-Rally racing was by far THE FUNNEST thing I had ever done.

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Things I have learned:

  • Do your homework. >100 MPH in the dark with lots of turns and lots of trees is not the time to be learning.
  • Never look out of the windshield unless you have to. Trees swishing by and smashing off parts of the car you are in are best left unseen.
  • Sometimes you have to learn to trust someone with your life; completely; and utterly. Then put that thought aside and concentrate on your own job.
  • Even the underdog can win, if he shows tenacity, perfectionism, and a will to keep his foot on the gas.

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